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Wild Magic Ch 4-6
Morning came, the sound of birds replacing the storm of the night before. Annie's naked body lay sleeping against me. I tried to get out of bed without waking her, but wasn't very successful. I stood, searching for clothes, when I heard her behind me.

"Good morning, handsome. Where are you headed?"

I turned to look at her. The dawn sun coming from the window illuminated her, giving her an angelic glow. Her hair frizzed out, and I could still almost see my baby sister I'd grown up with, instead of the cock worshipping slut that I'd discovered last night.

"Oh, I'm going to go for a run before it gets too hot. Gotta work to stay in shape." I answered as I pulled on shorts.

"That sounds great. I'm going to join you. If that's okay, I mean." She got out of my bed and made no effort to conceal her body. Mesmerized, I watched her tight body move passed me. She paused in the doorway, looked back, and wiggled her hips at me before stepping across the hall into her room.

Downstairs, I was in the kitchen filling a couple water bottles when mom walked in. She was dressed in only a thin nighty, and it emphasized every ample curve of her body.

"Morning, mom."

"Good morning, honey," She replied before looking quizzically at the extra bottle.

"Annie is going with me today." I answered.

"Oh! Well that should be fun. I'll have breakfast for you when you get back." She paused with her hand lingering on my chest. She leaned in and kissed me, holding for a moment and only breaking when she heard Annie coming down the stairs.

Annie wore a pair of tight shorts and sports bra, with her hair in a high ponytail. "Hi, mom," She said before grabbing a bottle and heading for the door. I kissed mom on the cheek and followed her.

In the front yard, she had already started stretching. As she did, I could see every ripple of muscle, every curve, and every sexy inch of my sister flex in front of me. I did my best to not be distracted for my own stretching, but it was difficult.

"You ready?" I nodded yes and off she went. I couldn't help but watch her body bounce in front of me. The sidewalk path led to the park, and I pulled up alongside her to clear my head of distraction.

"Aw, I was hoping you would stay behind me for a while." She said with disappointment.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because," she said with a grin, "I was hoping the view would drive you wild and you'll have no choice but to fuck my brains out."

I was speechless. Dick the fairy made it pretty clear that people wouldn't totally remember after I used the wild magic on them. Now Annie seemed not only to remember, but wanted more.

"What- What do you mean?" I stammered. "You don't think last night was a mistake?"

"Mistake? No, not a mistake. I've wanted you since I first figured out what sex was. I even got mom to put me on birth control just in case I ever worked up the nerve. Yesterday was…" She paused. "Yesterday something in me opened up, and I just, I just went for it. It was amazing. I never want to go back."

I contemplated her confession, while we ran along the packed dirt path. This was my darling little sister, the pest of a thousand annoyances. Or was this a young woman enjoying the dawn of her own sexual awakening?

"I am going to need time to think. You've had more time to prepare for this, you know." I answered her, and we finished our run in relative silence.

Admittedly, I was still a virgin, and it seemed so was Annie. I contemplated what this would mean in our relationship as my feet pounded the packed earth, leaving only my thoughts behind as the miles passed.


Back home we walked in the door, panting and sweaty. True to her word, mom had cooked breakfast and had it ready. Dad was already seated when we arrived. He looked up from his coffee, "Good run?"

"Yeah, it was great," Annie answered. "I can't wait to get in the shower." She arched her eyebrow at me and asked, "sounds good, right?"

Before I could answer, mom interrupted. "You might want to hold off on that shower, son. I kind of volunteered you for some yard work." Annie seemed to deflate slightly. "Your aunt Trinity isn't handling the divorce well, so you're going to go get her caught up on some chores."

I considered protesting, and my suggestion would make it easy, but mom was right. Aunt Trin wasn't but a few years older than me, and had discovered her husband's affair while she was pregnant. Fortunately for her the prenup he had insisted she sign worked out in her favor. He vanished with his mistress, but Trin was financially set for quite a while.

Still, being a soon to be single mother is no picnic. I thought that maybe some physical labor might help me clear my head, and she would probably pay me a bit. "Okay, mom. I'll head right over after breakfast."

Dad dropped me off on his way to work, and I went straight to the shed and got to work. I didn't mind, because before Dale the asshole cheated on Trin, he had bought all of the coolest toys.

While I worked, Trin came out of the house in a wide hat and sunglasses. Despite the baby bump, she was quite graceful. She removed her sheer robe and sat in a lounge chair to sun bathe.

Soon enough I had most of the work done and the heat of noon was approaching. Trinity called out, "Hey, are you ready for a break? I made lemonade and ordered pizza!"

I answered, "yeah" as I shut off the hedge trimmer. I put away the tools then joined her in the dining room. She had put her robe on, but taken off her hat and sunglasses. We chatted while we ate.


"So, how is life? Met any girl you like?" She asked with a grin.

"Yeah, or at least I think so." I answered. So much for getting my mind off of Annie. "It's complicated."

"How is it complicated? You like her? She like you? Go for it!"

Awkwardly, I tried to change the subject. "So, I finished the yard. Just, uh, let me know if there's anything you need my help with."

"Really? You mean that?" She asked in a strange tone.

"Yeah, Aunt Trin. Anything at all."

She pointed towards the front door. "A package arrived yesterday. Could you grab it and bring it upstairs for me?"

The box wasn't heavy, just cumbersome. I carried it to the top of the stairs and called out, "Hey, Triny. Where do you want this?"

I struggled to see over or around the box, so I followed her voice when she responded. "In here! That's great, you can just sit it down there." I was in the master bedroom, and Aunt Trinity lay in the bed. She still wore the see-through robe, but had removed the bathing suit she had been wearing.

"T-t-triny?" I stammered. Her body was still tight and firm, despite the bump in her belly. Her breasts, while not as large as mom's, had begun to swell, and her legs lay crossed seductively.

"Open the box." She instructed, though it felt more of a request. I did so, and found packages of soft rope, then handcuffs. Under that was a mask, a ball gag, and I stopped digging.

"Aunt Triny? What's this?"

She chuckled, "It's a few things I'd ordered before I found out about Dale's affair. I'd forgotten about them, until the were delivered yesterday. I've just been so damned horny, and you just looked so strong while you worked today."

While she talked, she started rubbing and touching herself, kneeding her breast with one hand and the other between her thighs. "I just need to be touched. Will you help me?"

My dick was making my decisions now. "Yes, Triny. Whatever you need."

"I want you to tie me up. Bind me, restrain me, and put me at your mercy. Then I want you to have your way with me."

I looked into the box, and confessed, "I don't know how to do any of that. I want to help you though, so just tell me how."

Instantly she became my instructor. She showed me how to tie the knots and gave me a good introduction into bondage. She told me to stick with what I was comfortable with, and we agreed that ropes would be okay to start.

I looped the first rope tightly around her wrist, then roughly pulled her side. I bound her hands behind her back. I watched her squirm, once again letting her lust run wild. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face to mine. "Stop your squirming and be a good girl. Good girls get to cum. Bad girls get punishment. Do you want to be a good girl?"

Her eyes were intense, but she nodded in agreement. I pulled her up to sit on her heels, then looped the rope around one ankle, then the other. I cinched the rope to the one binding her wrists. I spotted her bathing suit bottom where she had hastily discarded it. I could smell her musky odor on them, and revelled in it.

"You said you want to be a good girl. Good girls get to cum. Do you want to be a good girl?" She nodded silently. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, holding her bottom in her face. "But you're not a good girl, are you? You're a bad girl, aren't you?"

"Nooo-" She stopped when I shoved the bottoms into her mouth. Her protests were muffled.

"Stop talking," I sharply said. "Talking is for good girls. Good girls don't seduce their nephews, do they?" She shook her head. "Good girls certainly don't seduce their nephews while they are pregnant with another man's baby, do they?" She shook her head again.

"No, I don't think you've been a very good girl at all, *Aunt* Trinity." I emphasized aunt with a tug at her head. "I think you've been a very Bad girl. What do bad girls get?"

"Mrph-erph-frr." She replied.

I removed the bottoms from her mouth. "I'm sorry. I couldn't understand you. I'll ask again, what do bad girls get?"

"Punishm-" *SMACK! I slapped her across the face.

"I said talking is for good girls. It sounds like you forgot." I pulled her forward so that her face face fell into the bed. With her knees still under her, she ended up with her ass in the air.

"Now I think the bad girl needs something to remind her to be good." *SMACK* My hand rapped across her unprotected ass. She whimpered in surprise. I lightly rubbed the handprint I'd left. *SMACK* My hand came down on the other side. Another whimper was her response. I massaged the reddened cheek for a moment.

*SMACK* My hand came down again on Triny's ass. She cried out this time, but bit down on her lip to stiffle the sound. She locked eyes with me as my hand came down again on her defenseless ass.

"Mmmmm," She moaned. *SMACK* "Uhnnn." She continued to watch my eyes as I spanked her.

"Now, do you want to be a good girl or a bad girl? You may answer."

Her response was half muffled by the bed, but she gasped, "Good. I want to be a good girl."

"You do? You know what bad girls get, but do you remember what good girls get?" https://anotepad.com/notes/be6ptdm9 I slipped three fingers into her soaking wet pussy and started rubbing.


"I need you to answer me. What do good girls get?" I asked as I started massaging her clit with my palm.


"Aunt Triny. I know you know the answer. I need you to say it." I leaned in and lightly ran my tongue along her puckered asshole.

"Oh God. Oh fuck. Cum! Good girls get to cum!" She gasped out.

"Do you want to be a good girl, Aunt Triny? Do you want to cum, Aunt Triny?"

"Yes, oh please. I want to be a good girl for you. I want to be your good girl. Can I be your good girl?"

"Okay. If you want to be my good girl, then cum right now."

She started crying out, her body shaking. Her pussy gushed as she fell onto her side. She bucked against the bindings as her body rebelled against any control. The shaking slowly subsided and she lay there panting for breath.

I untied the bindings and lay down on the bed. Triny slipped up by me to lay her head on my chest. We lay like that for a while before we spoke.

"So how did I do?" I asked.

She turned her eyes up to me. "You did wonderfully. I've never had better."

"Did you mean what you said? About being my good girl?"

"Yes. I would love to be your good girl." She started gently toying with my dick through my shorts. "Maybe even get to see this big guy in action. But first you need to talk to this girl. The one that is 'complicated.' Once you get that figured out, if you're interested, I'd love to be your good girl."

She dozed against my chest for a bit, and in the corner of my vision I saw blue. I turned to catch it.

"Dick. You just seem to follow me around."

Dick the fairy laughed. "Haha, yeah. Nothing to do with the fact that beautiful women find reasons to get naked around you, I promise. I'll admit, usually we just grant a blessing then dip, but I'm having a wild time watching you. Three women in less than twenty four hours. You go, stud."

Yeah, go me, I guess.