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Age of Discovery
I sat back against the headboard, a pillow behind me. My shorts and underwear lay on the bottom of my bed. My shirt had been tossed on the floor. I'd double checked that the door was locked. Time to "relax" as I thought of it. I was a senior in high school so it wasn't unsual for me to get myself off a couple times a day, but this was my time. I closed my eyes and held my cock in my left hand. Relaxing I thought of Britney Swenson's tits and slowly stroked myself. Britney was in some of my classes and had let me play with her breasts a few times. We were kind of going out, some making out and groping gave me enough real life memories to make my evening session particularly gratifying. I looked down, seeing how my cock stretched as I stroked, up, down, turning just a little. I wasn't huge by any means but I held my own (ha, yes I thought that) against most guys in the showers. Britney hadn't gotten to handling my dick yet, preferring to more safely let me squeeze and fondle her tits. They we nice ones too. Not huge, but nicely shaped with pointy nipples. I liked how she sighed when I pulled her nipples. Maybe one day....

I was stroking and thinking of breasts, stroking. Building up some momentum. No rush, this was my big one for the day. Taking my time, letting it build, then letting it fly. I'd clean up with my t-shirt. This wasn't the time to hold back. My body tingled as I stroked, then eased off, stroked, then eased off, thinking of perky young breasts, and promises of what may lie ahead. Stroking, and....

Shit, banging at my door....

"Kev, cut it out..."

My sister Candy. A grade behind me. Skinny and flat chested.

"Stop banging on the door, Mom will come up to see what's going on."

"Your bed is banging against the wall. I KNOW what you're doing."

"Leave me alone. I'm listening to music."


"Please go away."

"Open up, I wanna talk."

"Not now." She jiggled the door handle. I scrambled for clothes in case it opened. Hopping across the floor pulling on gym shorts on I unlocked the door. When I opened it Candy stood there arms folded across her narrow frame. She wasn't a kid anymore, but she looked like she was going to stay slim and tom boyish.

"What do you want? Stop making so much noise."

Candy looked at me. She had short dark hair, light complexion and deep blue eyes. She glanced down, noted the tent in my shorts and smiled. "Knew it." She pushed past me into the room leaving the door open so as not to draw concerns. "I used to wonder what you were doing. Then I figured it out. Well I did after Liz told me about catching her brother." Hmm, Liz Carson, Candy's friend. Now she had some tits getting started there.

"She what?"

"Liz. Caught her brother James wanking his thing." I laughed. That was pretty funny. James and Liz were twins. They were both in Candy's grade.

"Oh shit, that's hilarious."

"Ha, yeah, she said she walked in and suprised him and he shot his stuff in the air." We both laughed. It must have been quite a sight.

"So I put two and two together and realized what you must be doing all the time in here. Expecially at night."

"Um, that's private. Do you mind?"

"Well it's kind of weird when I'm laying in bed and your bed starts tapping against the wall and I know that you're in here playing with yourself."

Now I reddened. It'd been caught. No use denying it. Now to damage control. "So, you're not going to say anything, right? This is between you and me?"

"Oh no I'd never tell Mom. I do myself too, I just don't let the neighbors know."

"OK, cool thanks. Oh but not Liz or anyone either."

She looked at me, made a decision. "Sorry, too late. I, uh may have mentioned to Liz when I realized what I was hearing."

"Oh shit. Caaaandy. Why?"

"We tell each other everything. But we keep it between us. And it's not like you're doing something weird."

"I guess. Now can you get out?"

"Didn't finish?"

"Uh, no."

"Can I watch? Liz said...."


Candy left and I locked, and checked the door. I quickly lost my shorts and settled into my computer chair, my tshirt on the floor in front of me. I tried bringing memories of Britney's tits to mind, but found myself thinking about Liz. Cute little blonde haired Liz. I never had given her much thought when she came by to hang out with Candy, but now that my thoughts were going there, she was developing into what would be considered a hot girl. Yes, mmm Liz. I was soon rock hard again and had given up on slow and easy. I thought of Liz's tits hiding in her shirt, my fist moved quickly, Liz, faster. Oh, there, aaah, tense, feeling my cock stiffen, then cum shooting out. I could blast a good one, then stroking out the last bits onto my shirt. My hand still wrapped around my cock, I almost felt I could work up another. Then I relaxed and let myself go. I was a bit of a show-er so it got soft, but hung between my legs. I picked up the tee, wiped myself off and checked that I hadn't missed any. I pushed the shirt deep into my hamper. I'd conveniently, for me and Mom, started doing my own laundry. Then I put on my shorts, grabbed a towel and left my room headed for a shower. As my door opened I saw Candy leaving her room next door. She looked me over,

"I guess mission accomplished?"

"This is weird."


"It's ok Candy. Yeah mission accomplished. Now a shower." I noticed that she was looking at me a little differently as she passed me and headed for the stairs.

After I showered I went downstairs to watch TV. Candy and our mom had decided on a rom-com that didn't interest me much, so I read for a bit. I was sitting in a chair with Mom to my left and Candy on the sofa to my right. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up Candy was giggling to herself. When she saw me looking she glanced at mom then made a jerking off motion with her hand. I rolled my eyes and went back to reading. After a bit I got up to get a drink. Candy joined me in the kitchen.

"Can, what are you doing?"

"Oh I'm just teasing. I don't know, it's kind of funny to me that my big bro is in the next room wanking himself."

"Not like I'm doing something unusual."

"I know, it's just...well it's only kind of recently that I've gotten, um, interested in those kind of things. So, yeah you're my brother, but shit, there's one right next door all hard and shooting stuff."

"This is really uncomfortable."

"You mean you don't think of me, as a girl, like naked in the shower, or changing in my room?"

"No! You're my sister."

"And a girl."

"I'm not supposed to think of you that way."

"I know I'm not like Britney, but I still have girl parts and.."

"Candy, you shouldn't talk like that with me." She looked down and noticed that her conversation had had an effect.

"Seems maybe you do think of my girl parts?"

"No." She pointed. I already knew but hoped she couldn't tell.

"Sorry, it just does it's own thing."

"Are you gonna go wank it?"

"I don't know."

"Thinking about me?"


"Oh come on, go wank it and think of me."

"That would be weird."

"So? It would be cool."

"I don't think I could."

"I'm gonna go take a shower. I'll be naked in the shower. Think of that." Then she walked away. I definitely had the makings of a solid hardon. I really had the urge to go upstairs and take care of it. I definitely couldn't walk into the living room as I was. So I listened to the little head, announced I was going up to bed and started up the stairs. In the hall I met Candy wrapped in a towel walking to the hall bath. When she saw me, and my now obvious state she smiled.

"Here, let me help." She pulled her towel down just enough to let me see the slight rise of her breasts. Not enough to let me see her nipples. Why was I thinking about her nipples? My cock was harder. As I walked past she called to me. I turned to see her exposing part of one ass cheek. Then she was in the bathroom. I got to my room and closed the door. I quickly stripped down and got on my bed. With Candy in the shower I could take care of myself hard and fast and not worry about making noise. I took my cock in hand and tried to think about Britney's tits. But I thought of Candy. That slight hint of breasts. Small, but breasts, still. Her butt cheek. Naked in the shower. What else was under there? I was furiously stroking my cock. Oh fuck. Thinking about Candy and jacking off. Then the door opened. I always locked it, so this was a subconscious thing. Candy stood in the doorway a huge smile on her face as she watched me holding my cock. My hard cock. Slick, firm, the head thick and flush. She looked, then asked,

"Is that cause of me?" I stammered, I tried to make a coherent sentence. I did not cover up. "Don't stop. But were you thinking of me?"

"Uh." My cock was twitching. It felt thicker than ever. I was near. I held tight, my fingers around it feeling it throb. "Y-yes."

I stared at Candy. Skinny little Candy. Her dark hair wet and brushed back. The towel covering from just above her breasts to just below her butt. Her pale legs bare. She stood, one foot turned on top of the other. Her deep blue eyes staring at me. The smile not leaving her face.

"I want to see it happen." I still held tight. My breathing heavier. What to do. Then she pulled down the towel exposing one nipple. Just one, poking out from the slight mound of her breast. Just one. But that was enough. My hand began moving in a blur. I sucked in my breath as I felt it come over me, like everything in my body had moved to my cock. My balls contracted, my cock throbbed, then cum shot into the air, maybe a couple feet, then splashed down onto me. Another strong spurt, then a third, not so heavy, until small spurts, one then another and finally cum running down my cock over my hand. I was a mess, but I felt great as my body relaxed. Then I remembered my audience as I looked back over. Candy had stepped in from the doorway, maybe four feet closer. Her hand over her mouth, "Oh wow. Liz said it shot out, but I never thought. Damn. So cool." I was looking at her bare nipple. Hard now as she looked at my softening cock, my midsection splattered with cum. "There's so much of it." Then she hopped up and ran from my room.

Was she suddenly realizing what we'd done? Was she afraid of being caught, or worried about me, my cock and my cum? Or was she going to masturbate herself? I cleaned myself up, walked to the bathroom to wash, then on the way back to my room I decided to continue to Candy's. I listened at the door, unsure if I should try the doorknob. Holding my breath I listened. Yes, she was. Through the door I heard muffled moans, "Nnngh, mmmmm, ooooh." Low, as if she had her face in a pillow. Then a little louder, "aaaah, uuuuuh, eeee, eee, hmmmmm." I listened a moment longer then decided she was done. I hurried back to my room. Sitting on my bed I thought about Candy getting herself off because she had watched me jerk off. She showed me her tit. But she'd seen my hard cock. Watched me ejaculate. I was hard again, but decided to go to sleep.

In the morning everything seemed normal at breakfast. When Mom went into the living room I looked at Candy, "We ok?" She looked up almost as if she had no idea what I was talking about. She nodded.

"Yeah, of course."

"I heard you." Her eyes widened just a little.

"Mmm? So?"

"Just saying." Before she could say anything more, Mom returned. She told us that she was planning a day out shopping with her friend.

"It's going to be a nice day. Why don't you get some sun in the yard?" Candy answered first,

"I may go to Liz's house."

"She can come here. Just don't you two bother Kevin. And Kevin, you did promise to mow the yard."

"Oh sure, Candy can have a friend over and I have chores?"

"It'll only take a little while, do it early." With that final comment she was off. I cleaned up my breakfast and told Candy I'd be mowing before she could lay out.

"Do the part over on the right first, then I can get some sun while you finish." I rolled my eyes at everyone giving me instructions. I went upstairs to change, then out to the shed for the mower. Since it was nice out I just had shorts on. I started it up and when I had the right side done I saw Candy setting out a beach chair and a towel. I also noticed that she had a very small bikini. I wasn't sure if I'd seen her in that one before. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I'm not sure Mom would have approved. She made as if she was reading a magazine, but I was sure she was watching me. When I stopped to rest a moment she looked over at me.



"I'm just noticing that you're kinda hot with your shirt off."

"If you don't mind me saying so, you look pretty good in that bathing suit too."

"Really? I'm so skinny."

"Skinny's nice and um, last night, uh, when you showed me, your uh, breast was, well you're not exactly flat." She smiled at my stammering.

"So you mean, I have SOME tits." I just shook my head in agreement. "But not like Britney? Or Liz?"

"You don't have to compare. And anyway, your butt was nice too." Now she had a bigger smile.

"Thanks! Ok you better finish." I did. Then I sat with Candy having a cool drink. She was making no secret that she was looking at me. Candy thought for a moment. Then decided, "So last night. I was thinking about your hard, um, thing when I rubbed myself."

"Huh. Sounded like you had your head in the pillow."

"Well yeah. Otherwise Mom would hear me."

"Oh, well why don't you do it when she's not home?"

"Cause you're around. I didn't want you hearing me like that."

"Well now I know. So you can let yourself go." She seemed to be contemplating.

"I just might."

"Well I'm going to shower."

I was walking back to my room refreshed from the shower when I heard Candy call me from her room. I continued down there and now I was standing in her doorway in a towel. She was on her bed. More importantly she was nude. I couldn't help but look, stare really. She lay there kind of stiff, arms at her side. Small breasts perched on her chest, nipples standing proud. Straight line down to narrow hips, a dark triangle of hair, her legs pressed together, stretched straight out. It wasn't a sexy pose, but she was the first live naked female I'd seen. My cock quickly grew under my towel.


"I wanted you to see me too."

"Wow, I uh."

"Haven't you seen Britney's bits?"

"No. She uh, just lets me touch her tits."

"Oh cool so am I?"


"And you were the first for me too."

"Is this ok?"

"Sure! I was going to, you know." And now she placed a hand on her mound. "But if I'm going to really get off and not hold it in, I thought, maybe? Maybe you'd give me some inspiration. Like last night?"

"You want to see me again?"

"Uh huh. Sit right here. Let me have a close look." I walked over to her bed, letting the towel fall as I went. My cock was pointing straight out, bobbing in the air. Candy had now separated her legs just a little. Enough to get a couple of fingers on herself. I sat on the bed. Far enough down so that I could see her breasts and look down at her fingers beginning to rub along her slit. I couldn't see much more than her hair, her mound, and her closed outer lips. I looked down at Candy, her blue eyes locked onto my cock as it stood hard waiting. "Could you rub yours too?" I didn't say anything, I just began stroking my cock, letting Candy watch the skin move, my balls move, the pre-cum ooze from the tip. I looked down to see her fingers separate her lips, her bud now more evident, her fingers tracing lines up and down her wet slit. "Mmm. Kev, that's so hot. It looks hard and strong and almost...dangerous. You're making me very wet."

"You're making me hard, so hard just looking at you. Can you, you know, separate your legs more so I can see everything?" Candy smiled and bent her far leg out of the way. Then with her fingers she opened herself so I could see everything. She dipped a finger into her hole, then let it slide up to her clit. Her finger circle her clit, a soft moan escaping. Candy closed her eyes a moment, before opening them and focusing on my cock, hard, the head glistening from pre-cum, my hand slowly stroking. I watched Candy move slowly, smoothly along her pussy as I ran my hand up and down my cock, rubbing my hand over the head, around and down. My balls contracted, then relaxed, moving and catching Candy's attention. Without thinking she reached out and cupped my balls as I stroked. She held them lightly, letting them move and roll in her hand. This was our first physical contact. I thought about reaching for her nipple. They looked so inviting, hard, sticking out from the low mounds of her breasts. Dark, with small areola, perched on her tits. I decided not to take a chance, happy to watch Candy pleasure herself and hold me. Her hand began to move faster, dipping into her pussy, then rubbing her clit harder, faster. Her breathing quickened, deep breaths, her fingers a blur, her back arched. Then with no concern for who heard she let out a shreik, then short, sharp sounds, a long deep, 'ooooooooooh', then fell back on her bed. She looked at me almost embarrassed. I was the first person to watch her let go completely. She smiled shyly, then seemed to realize she was holding my sack.


"It's ok. But be gentle."

"Mmm, bigger than I tought they'd be. And oh that felt good to let go."

"It was so cool to see you." I'd been stroking lightly. In no rush to finish as I watched Candy's post orgasmic body. Taking a chance I lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked her juices from them. "Is that ok?"

"S-sure. Is it gross?"

"Mmm, delicious."

"Eww, really?"


"OK now get yourself going." So I increased my pace. She watched intently as my hand moved up and down, pausing as pleasurable feelings came over me. As I got close, I warned her.

"Soon. It's gonna go all over. It's, it's, ohh, fuuuck." My body tensed, my balls contracted in Candy's hand, my cock thickened, I pulled down, then up hard, holding it as....

"Holy shit, it flew higher than last time, oh, ah, it's all over me!" It was, I came and came. Cum flying in the air. Landing on me, landing on Candy. I stroked hard again. Another spurt, then another. Finally cum, running out and down over my hand. I sighed in relief. Candy propped herself on her elbows and looked down at our naked bodies. Cum everywhere. She wiped a bit from her chin, rubbed it between her fingers, picked up a glob from her left tit. She looked at it, smelled it. Then put a little on her tongue. "Salty maybe? Girls swallow this?"

"Sure, some. I don't know, most. Maybe?" She scooped up some more and sucked it off her finger.

"Not bad. Not great, but not horrible. But get a wash cloth and clean us up. It's drying all over me." I got a wash cloth. She watched me as I left her room, and again as I walked back in cock hanging between my legs. I wiped her down, taking the opportunity to caress her breasts in the process. "Hmm, an excuse for feeling mme up?"

I tried to look shy, "Maybe?" She laughed at my obvious attempt.

"It feels nice, keep going. But I want to feel you too." I sat beside her. I tossed the wash cloth aside and let my hands cup her breast. My thumb circling her nipple. Candy encouraged me with 'mmmms'. She reached down and let my cock lay across her hand, bouncing it lightly.

"How soon until it will get hard again?"

"No long. Especially if you keep holding it."

"Can I, you know, like you do?" I was beyond worrying about right and wrong. By cock was being held by someone other than me. But I was curious too.

"Sure. But can you show me how to make a girl, make you, feel good?" Candy was now holding my cock in her two hands. Not that it's so big she needed to, but she was examining it, leaning down closer, watching it twitch and begin to stiffen as she manipulated me in her hands.

"Yeah, sure, just let me. This is the first thing.."

"You can call it a cock, or a dick or something."

"...um...cock," she giggled, "I've held. I like how it moves and stuff while I hold it. Woah, it's getting hard. And bigger. Look my hand barely goes around. Do I just.." Candy was now moving both her hands up and down. The top hand extending beyond the head. She squeezed the head with that hand then kept moving up and down.

"Yeah that, oh, that's good." I let the sensations wash over me. I was sliding my hand over her stomach, feelig her soft skin as her hands worked me up and down. My head was a little sensitive and as she rubbed over it I tensed and pushed my hips up as if I was trying to bury my cock deep in a pussy, not that I knew what that felt like. Then when I thought it couldn't get better, as I lay there letting my fingers draw lines on Candy's belly, something new, something wet and moving and amazing. https://paperring5.gumroad.com/p/making-secrets-pt-4 My eyes shot open to see Candy's face right up against my cock. Her tongue extended, licking at the pre-cum collecting at the tip, her mouth closing over the head sucking it from me, sending shivers through my body, causing me to let out a quick, 'ooooooh'.

"Is that ok, that doesn't hurt? RIght?"

No. Yes. No it doesn't hurt, yes if feels better than amazing. You don't have to."

"Suck your th..cock? I want to try."

"OK." I laid back again. This was more that anything I'd experienced. My sister's soft, wet mouth was teasing and sucking on my cock. Her hand continued to rub up and down, my body was tingling in a way it never did by myself. My feet were cramping as my toes curled tight, my ass was clenched, my eyes tightly shut, my mouth open, noises escaping. My cock was throbbing and ready to burst. I had to warn her, it felt so good. "CandyI'mgonnacumsoon."

She looked at me. Those deep blue eyes stared straight at me as she clamped her mouth over my cock and squeezed it. I said, "OH!" and shot a rope of cum into her mouth. I'm not sure what she expected. She'd seen how I came earlier. Her eyes went wide. She started to gag, then swallowed, then the next shot. This time she pulled off, cum running from her mouth onto my cock. The next shot, smaller but covering her mouth. She swallowed again, then licked at my cock as more cum escaped. When it seemed I was done Candy sat up.

"Oh wow. I really wasn't ready for that. Oh jeez. I need practice. Oh. So was it ok?"

"OK? I've never felt anything like that. I thought my whole body would explode. And I thought you were just going to wank me. Wow. Thanks."

She seemed proud of herself. Or happy to have done it well enough, or something. I grabbed my towel from the floor and offered it to Candy. She wiped her face, then cleaned my cock off. She moved over on the bed and asked me to lay next to her. She got one of my arms under her neck and had me hold her. When Candy look up at me and moved to kiss me I hesitated.

"Why? Because I was on your dick?"

"No, not that. Just, should we? It's one thing. Wrong, but ok I guess between us if we touch and stuff, but..."

"I see. I'll have to think about that. OK, hold me, then give me your hand." She took my hand and let it slide down her body, down over mound, her dark hair. Leading a finger down between her lips. I felt her wetness, felt, more, folds, different parts, wet, soft. I touched Candy, moved a finger up and down. "Go ahead, one finger, easy." I pressed. Slid my middle finger, pushed and it was inside Candy. She held me there tight. She was wet, warm, soft. I wiggled my finger. She moaned. I pushed forward, she put a hand over mine. "Not too hard, I'm still..." So I moved it around, touching her insides. She closed her legs together keeping me there. "Do that, and suck my nipple." I was up on one elbow. I leaned over extending my tongue, reaching for her hard dark nipple. My finger continued to explore Candy. When I touched certain spots she'd exclaim and grab my hand to ask for more. I took her nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking at it. Candy's body began to undulate, her hips rising, her back arching. She pulled my hand up, grasping my finger and placing it on her clit. I felt the nub, bigger now, I tried rubbing it, she put my finger alongside it. I began rubbing around her clit and on the sides, taking cues from Candy's body wriggling and writhing beside me. I switched to her other tit, sucking and licking. She began groaning and sighing. Her moans louder as I continued, relentless, determined. As her body tensed, her breathing ragged, I rubbed and touched. I sucked, pulling at her tit. Then with a cry, Candy came for me. She came loud and long. Not knowing for sure what to do I continued, fast, squeezing, rubbing as she screamed out again, then finally her hand clamped down on me, "Stop, please." I moved my hand away, lifted me head from her now sensitive nipple.

She grabbed my face in two hands, "Fuck it." Candy kissed me. Hard on the mouth. When I gasped her tongue searched and found mine. She kissed me in a way Britney never had. Total abandon. Then Candy rolled on top of me, never breaking our kiss, letting her whole body rest on me, kissing with need, with passion, kissing. Then finally coming up for air. "Sorry. I had to."

"Wow, that was intense."

"You made me feel soooo good. Oh it's so much better when different hands are doing it. Like, um, like you don't know what's going to happen. And...oh...oh wow, is that you cock? Hard again? It's touching my..."

I lifted Candy and laid her alongside me. "We can't."

"It was right there. You could have just."

"That's why I moved you. My body wants it so much."

"You don't want me?"

"Yes. But that would be wrong. You should, with someone else." She looked at me. Pouted just a little. Then smiled.

"So close. There was a cock touching my pussy. And I wanted it."

"First we're brother and sister and we've kind of gone way too far already. Second, don't be doing it without a condom. And don't just do it spur of the moment. Have to think for yourself because most guys, if the get that close, they're going for it."

"And you've never been that close?"

"No. Britney never even let me touch her pussy."

"Dumb bitch."

"Stop. She's ok. Just taking her time."

"Don't you want to?"

"Oh yeah. Sure I do."

"Hmm. Anyway, I guess we better clean up. Is this?"

"One time? I don't know? What do you think?"

"I think I need more practice." A big smile. I looked at my sister. Always tomboyish, but now turning into a woman. With tantalizing parts and a feeling of sexiness and lying there naked and not caring if I looked.

"We'll see. You're so tempting. And there's more I'd like to practice too. But we need to be so careful. No fooling around when Mom is home or just out for a little bit."

"Do you have condoms?"

"Yes, but, no, no, we shouldn't. I have them in case Britney ever went crazy or something."

"Hmm, ok." She looked down at my cock. "You know, Liz says her brother's didn't look so big."

"Some guys just have ones that shrink up. They get plenty big I guess. Mine just happens not to shrink." I shrugged.

"I like it." She reached for me. Soft, flexible now.

"Don't start. We do need to clean up."

"Hmm, how many times can you do it?" I shrugged again. I'd had days where I got off a few. Usually on days after an unfulfilled date with Britney.

"I never counted. A few I guess, without a long rest." She bounced the head in her hand, nodding her head. She appeared ready to try for another, so I got up.

"I like looking at you."

"Cause I'm the only naked guy you've seen?" She laughed and threw the towel at me.

"And I'm your only totally naked woman."

"True. And a sexy one too." Now she was happy. I figured I'd leave it on a high note. I picked up all the dirty laundry, went and put on some clothes, then washed everything. Candy lit a candle in her room. We washed up and went down to prepare dinner. Candy did a good job of acting like nothing unusual had happened. When I looked at her I couldn't resist thinking that she'd held me and sucked my cock and been naked with me. I didn't know her thoughts, but I sure wanted more of all that.

Everything was fairly normal for the next week or so. I soon realized that slow and steady with Britney wasn't going to work any longer. I'd seen the main event, or at least been a lot closer. Spending a night at the movies to maybe get a feel of tit wasn't going to work. When I told her that maybe we should move on, she asked if I was seeing someone else. I answered no of course. Maybe technically I was correct. Still, I didn't think it was fair to either of us. A few days later Candy asked me if I wanted to go to a Halloween party in town. I wasn't really interested. I wasn't keen on the dressing up and all that. And I was kind of bummed about breaking up with Britney. Candy sat on the end of the bed where I was putting on my socks.

"Please? Mom says I can go if you go. There will be older kids there and she'd feel ok about it if you were there. And Liz wants to go but she can't if I'm not."

"I really don't want to go. I don't have a costume and..."

"I'll get you one. Like Spiderman or something so you have a face covering and.." I rolled my eye. Then opened them wide when I felt Candy's hand go up my shorts.

"Oh hey, no. Please. Don't bribe me with sex. That's not right."

"I'll suck your dick for nothing, but I still wanna go to the party." Now she was letting her nails scratch my cock which was getting harder and more uncomfortable. I adjusted my position. Candy wrapped her hand around me. Now I closed my eyes as she gripped and rubbed my cock. "Take it out." I quickly complied. "This is just cause I like to." My cock was freed. Candy's tongue was all over it. Up, down, over and around. Sucking at the head, pushing down to take more into her mouth, getting me slick and wet as she stroked the remaining bit. Sucking hard, licking lightly, fondling my balls and coaxing me until I spewed my load into her mouth. Candy now swallowing and swallowing more as I shot into her mouth. Then sucking and licking any remaining bit, popping me out of her mouth. A smile. Sexy in her own way.

"So I can still say no to the party?" She pouted.

"That would be kind of mean." I sighed.

"Whose party?"

"Frank Weston, he's a senior."

"I know who he is. And you shouldn't be at his party. You know what goes on there?"

"I've heard. Liz too. That's what makes it exciting."

"Do you really know? They have rooms, with themes. Not haunted, but stuff goes on."

"I've heard things. Are they true?"

"Yeah. They get the younger girls in there and do...everything." Now I did have her attention.

"Really? Liz told me she heard, you have to sign something."

"I hear all kinds of things. I never went. I was too young. Guys have to be older. They'll fuck anyone, everyone."

Candy was doing the biting her lip thing. "I'll talk to Liz. If we still want to go, will you?"

"If you really want to. And get me a costume."

The party was Saturday night. Friday afternoon Candy and Liz came in while I was sitting in the living room watching TV. I looked up at them, young, but also growing up. I arched my eyebrows when I saw the shopping bag. Candy answered first.

"We bought you something."

"So, I guess you two still want to go?" Liz laughed,

"James isn't invited. He's not old enough." I corrected her,

"More like they don't want to share the pu....girls."

"I can't help it if I'm more grown up than my twin brother."

"I hope you two know what you're doing. It really can get out of hand." Candy shrugged.

"We're not kids anymore. Wanna see our costumes? C'mon Liz, let's go try them on. Oh and here's yours. Go put it on."

"Thanks." I looked in the bag. It looked like Spiderman. But not a kids type costume. This must have cost a few bucks. "I hope you didn't spent too much." Candy waved her hand at me.

"We split the cost, cause you've taking us." We all went upstairs, Candy and Liz to Candy's room. I took the bag into my room and stripped down. I thought about leaving my shorts on, but it might look weird, so they went too. I took everything out and saw it was three pieces. The head covering could go on last. I pulled the top on figuring it would tuck into the bottoms. I liked that it didn't have fake cushiony muscles like Superman outfits. It was skin tight and looked better on a regular teen, like Spiderman. As I pulled up the bottom half I realized there might be an issue. It was skin tight too. It showed everything. Especially my flaccid but still six inch cock. I pulled everything in place and adjusted myself as best I could, but looking in the mirror there was no doubt what that was in my pants. I wondered if Candy decided on this costume on purpose. I pulled on the head covering and saw that it was easy to see through the material. I looked pretty good as Spiderman. Especially Spiderman who was hoping to get laid at a Halloween party. When I heard the knock on my door I opened it to see a witch with several buttons open revealing a nice bit of cleavage. The skirt was very short and showed off Liz's body quite well. Alongside her was a nurse who seemed quite a bit heavier up top than my sister. Her skirt was also very short.

"What do you think?", Candy asked.

"I think you'll get whatever you're looking for. And since when did you grow..." I said pointing towards her breasts.

"Oh, just a little something extra to fill out the costume. Do I look hot?"

"Yeah, you both look great."

"OK, now back up and let us see Spiderman." I back up and struck a pose. I saw Liz cover her mouth and whisper to Candy. "You tell him Liz."

"Um, Kev. Your, well the costume is very form fitting and I can see your..." She pointed.

"Yep, was this on purpose Candy?" She looked at me with a grin.

"Not really, but, it DOES show you off nice." Liz was still unsure,

"Are you...hard? From us."

"No. You do look nice, but it's just the way it is."

"Oh my god how big does it get?"

"Not much more really." Candy then tried to show her knowledge of such things,

"It's called a show-er." She made a face at Liz as if everyone should know that. I then tried changing the subject,

"The real question is how do we get out of the house without Mom seeing us tomorrow?" Candy offered,

"We could change in the car."

"Really Candy? We'd all have to get naked to do that." Liz had taken a step towards me. Now reaching out her hand she felt along the outline of my bulge.

"I wouldn't mind seeing you naked." My cock twitched. She drew her hand back. Smiled. Then watching my cock move beneath the material, she reached for me again. I took a half step back.

"Whoa, I don't know if that's a good idea." She pouted but moved back alongside Candy. Candy whispered in Liz's ear. Liz's eyebrows went up and she looked back to me. I shooed them from my room. As they left I heard Liz say,


"Well a LOT." So now I know what Candy had whispered. I really would have liked to have spent some time with Liz. But somehow I wasn't sure I should. Anyway, I was pretty sure I'd be getting some, something, the next night.

Not able to think of a better plan we decided to change on the way. To make it easier I convinced Mom that we'd feel better driving up in her Rav4 rather than having Liz squeeze in the back of my Civic. I drove to a deserted dead end street, thankful that it was early for the people who used it as a makeout spot. Liz was teasing, asking if I'd been here before.



Liz again, "If you wouldn't mind turning up the mirror, I'd like to get changed."

"No problem, I was planning to turn around and watch over the seat."


"OK, then you sit back when I change up here."

"You change first and maybe I'll let you watch." What did I care? She'd already felt what I had and Candy was familiar enough. And maybe I'd get to see Liz's tits. I shrugged. I took my shirt off and pulled on the Spiderman top. Now for the main event. Liz was sitting right up against the front seats watching as I slid down my jeans and underwear. My cock had stirred a bit thinking about Liz' tits.

"Damn. Nice." I was pulling and tugging at the tight spandex bottoms. I got them over my ass and was now tugging the legs up so I had material to work with as I pulled them over my cock. I reached in and adjusted myself, letting it lean to the left against my thigh. I knew it would soften some as I relaxed. "Dude, you are so gonna get laid." Candy was looking now too.

"And to think, he didn't want to come."

"Haha, cumming won't be an issue. Just in who."

"OK girls, off with them, we don't want to be late." Candy quickly stripped off her clothes. I'd seen her before, but it was still a thrill. I guess naked women always will be. She put on the bigger padded bra, then pulled the nurse uniform over her tugging it down and adjusting her "boobs".

"There, how do I look?"

"Um, sis, aren't you forgetting something?" She flipped up her skirt letting me see her bush.

"Nope, better to flash the guys."

"Oh jeez. And I'm supposed to be responsible?" While we were talking Liz was down to her underwear. What there was of it. As she adjusted the g string I could see she was blonde all over, though her bush was a little darker. Then she removed her bra and I finally saw her very nice tits. They weren't huge by any means, but much more than Candy. I'm no expert but somewhere in the B/C area. She saw me looking and gave them a shake,

"Like them?"

"Yeah, perfect." She smiled and got herself into the witche's outfit. As before she left some buttons undone to show a decent bit of boob flesh. Both girls' outfits also had masks to give some mystery. When we were all set I pulled away and headed to Frank's house.

Frank met us at the door, looked the girls up and down and waved them in. He put a hand on my chest. He was easily 4 inches taller and much better built.

"I know who you are Spiderboy. No trouble from you?" He nodded his head back at Candy and Liz. "Ok?"

"Just don't get them drunk. I'm looking to have fun."

"OK then. There's no booze or drugs. No one can say they were taken advantage of." When I nodded he let me in. I looked around the living room which opened on to the kitchen and dining area. A pretty good sized party room. I saw all manner of costumes, from basic to elaborate. And plenty of female flesh on display. There was maybe 30 people in view. There was also a sign on the wall at the beginning of the staircase.

---Enter if you Dare. Don't say you weren't WARNED---

So that's where the real action took place. I caught up to Liz and Candy. They were also looking around, maybe amazed that they were at an older guy's party. I wondered if they had any reservations.

"Pretty crazy", I suggested. Candy looked at me with knitted brow.

"Please don't hover like you're our chaperone."

"OK. Just don't do anything stupid." They nodded.

Then I did something stupid.

I saw her leaning back against the wall taking in everything. She was dressed as some kind of sexy fairy. Tinkerbelle or something. As required, it seemed, her skirt was very short, her legs fairly long, and her breasts bursting from a tight top. She caught me staring. Then her eyes traveled lower and her eyebrows rose. She was sexy, she seemed interested. She was my ex-girlfriend. I was sure of it. My former girlfriend Britney, who barely let me get to second base, who put me off again and again, was at Frank Weston's notorious Halloween party? My first thought was to go over and ask 'what the fuck'. But then I decided to see just what she planned to do here. I walked over to say hello. I may have lowered my voice just a little. The mask helped, although there was an opening to breathe, eat, drink, kiss. She obviously had no idea who I was.

"Enjoying the party?", I asked.

"Yeah I guess. I don't really know a lot of the people here. It's...interesting."

"Have you been upstairs?"

"Noooo. I'm not ready for that yet. I've heard things."

"Really? Like what."

"That there's an orgy room. And girls, you know, sucking lots of guys."

"Hmm, maybe. I was hoping just to meet someone nice. I came alone." Normally I wouldn't do anything like this, but we were at Frank's party, so I leaned in and kissed Britney.

"Oh! Um, ok."

"It's Frank's party. We're supposed to loosen up a bit." I moved a little closer. This time she made no comment when I kissed her. I let my hand stray to her hip, then down to her bare leg. As I moved closer to her ass, I offered my tongue. This usually was where Britney slowed things down. But she returned Spiderman's kiss. We were deep into sharing tongues when I cupped her ass cheek under her fairy skirt. When she put her hand on mine I directed her hand around front. When she felt my cock pressing against the spandex she moved her head back and her eyes went wide. But she didn't move her hand. I moved my hips just a little so that my cock moved against her hand. She looked down, saw what she was doing and slid her hand up to where my head was straining against the fabric.

"It's big." I didn't try to dissuade her. "I, uh..." I moved to kiss her again, paused a moment to say,

"It's yours if you want it. You're the hottest girl here." Then before she could answer I found her mouth again and held her against me. Her hand never left my cock. She was getting revved up. Like she never had in my car or anywhere else. My cock was hardening under her touch. It was stretching upwards. I pressed my hips to hers, trapping her hand between us. Letting her feel her own heat and my need. Before she could change her mind, or come to her senses, I suggested, "There's a room down the hall. For privacy." When I took her hand she followed. Fortunately the door was open. The room was empty. I closed it and locked it behind us.

"We're locked in?"

"We don't want anyone coming in do we?" She didn't answer. I went to her and laid her back on the bed. She went back to kissing Spiderman, now touching my chest and stroking my arms, feeling the soft skin tight fabric. I pulled at her costume just a bit and freed her breasts. I was familiar with them in bit and pieces. Now here they were in all their glory. Thank goodness for the mouth opening. I was sucking and pulling at her nipples, squeezing and fondling her breasts, pressing my hard cock against her. She was moaning and making low noises as I let a free hand go under her skirt. I cupped her ass again, then let it find it's way to the warmth between her legs. She lot out a long 'ooooooooh' as I touched her through her panties. "uuuuuuuh" as I pushed them aside and let my fingers push along her lips. She was hot. She was wet. I thought for a moment then knelt between her legs and pulled down the bottom of the Spiderman uniform. My rigid cock sprang out. She reached down and held it. I felt it quiver in her hand. I'm so close. I could just. I didn't ask exactly.

"I'm going to...." She didn't say no. Britney with her mask askew, he tits pulled out of her top, her skirt around her waist and her pussy wet and wanting. Britney nodded. So this was why she came to Frank's party. Rather than give in to me on any number of occasions she'd decided to just do it. I rubbed my cock on her slit. I held my breath, paused, this was it. I put my cock against her pussy and pushed. She cried out as I pushed into her, then again when I'd gone past. Now neither of us were virgins. I began moving in and out. She had a tear in her eye. Her eyes were closed. I kept going. She was breathing heavy, sighing, moaning. I kept going, giving Britney what I'd wanted to for months. Feeling her tight pussy holding me as I tensed and sent streams of cum into her. I kept moving, not wanting it to end. When I pulled out there was her juices, my cum and a little blood. There was a box of tissues beside the bed. Also a cup with condoms. I offered her tissues. She cleaned herself. I wiped myself off, then pulled up my uniform. Britney put herself back together. I asked,

"Do you want me to take off my mask?"

"No. Do you know who I am?" I lied.


"Ok, then let's keep it that way. I, um, think I'm going to leave."

"We can hang out."

"No, no I think I should leave. It was, nice, I guess."

"You were amazing."

"Thanks for saying. I'm gonna leave." She unlocked the door and was gone. I checked that I was all together then after giving her a minute I went to the bathroom to wash up. As I was leaving a girl I didn't know in a tight cat suit concealing large breasts stopped me.

"Spiderman. I saw you come in earlier. I was hoping to see if this was real. She took a firm hold of my cock. No innocent, this one. She smiled, "Damn if it isn't. Lots of these guys stuff more than the girls. I don't. These babies are real. Feel 'em. She took my hands and put them right on her tits. "I'd take 'em out for you but this suit is a bitch. See, real." They sure seemed to be in my non expert opinion. "Now, mind if I check this out?" She was on her knees before I could answer. She pulled down my uniform and took my semi-hard cock in hand. With a few strokes she had me hard. Then she had me in her mouth. Then she had me in her throat. She pushed her head towards me until her nose hit my pubes. She held it there, then pulled back and went to sucking and licking and slobbering over my cock. I went back into her throat more than once, it seemed no problem for her. She worked me over good, sucking and licking. When I began to tense, she put me in her mouth, almost to her throat, then put my hands on the back of her head. I got the idea. I held her in place and began fucking her mouth. Long deep thrusts into her throat. Holding her in place until she slapped my hand, then pulling back for air and going deep again. When I felt it coming on, I held her, not all the way, and let my cum go deep into her mouth. She took it with ease, swallowed it all, then took me deep again, letting me feel her swalllow, then pulling back oh so slowly making sure every bit stayed in her mouth. With a pop she released my head. She looked over my cock as it hung, then stood and kissed me.

"That was as good as I'd hoped Spiderman."

"Yeah!" I agreed. It was all I could say. I was well and truly spent having shot two loads in a short while. The girl in the cat suit was gone. I was standing in the hallway with my cock hanging. So I got dressed again and rejoined the party. True to his word the punch I taseted had no alcohol. I was looking for a place to relax for a few minutes. This party was living up to its reputation and I figured I might just get some more action. I looked around but didn't see Candy or Liz. I better look for them. But first I needed to chill.

As she said, Britney appeared to have left. I wondered again if I should have done that. Sure she had come to this party to lose her virginity. But should I have done it. Oh well. And speaking of lost virginity, where were my sister and her friend? I didn't see them downstairs. I looked to the staircase,

---Enter if you Dare---.

I decided to dare. As I got to the top of the stairs there was another sign,

---Groping Zone---.

I saw there were no lights on in the hallway. Dark streamers hung from the ceiling. A blacklight from the far end gave everything a weird glow. It seemed the room doors were closed. Maybe 12 or so people lined the hall. As walked to the first door on the left, I learned that the sign wasn't a joke. A barely dressed girl walked up to me. One hand caressed my ass, the other definitely groped my cock.

"MMM, this one's ok to visit." Then she was gone. As my eyes adjusted I noticed that most of the people up here had not bothered dressing up, or had discarded their costumes. There were bare tits everywhere and a couple of cocks available too. I decided to retain my anonymity. At the first door there was a sign,

---House of Humilitation---, and a list of names. A sign-up sheet. The fourth name on the list was Candy's. The first two names were crossed out. I thought about entering, but was intercepted by a barely dressed witch running down the hall. She grabbed my hand and began dragging me along the hallway.

"Liz?" She kept going. Past a room whose sign I couldn't read, past a bathroom. We stopped at one with a sign,

---Two Headed Monster---

She opened the door. Inside there was another guy with a sizable cock. He was stroking it lightly to keep himself hard. Liz gave instructions,

"Here, I found him. I want Spiderman to be on the other end." The guy shrugged. Liz struggled out of her costume. When she was basically naked she got on all fours. She grabbed the waiting cock and pulled him down in front of her. He grabbed a handful of her hair and was soon feeding his cock into Liz's mouth. After a moment she pulled off him and looked back at me. "Go ahead, K--, Spiderman. My pussy is yours. It's you or some random guy out there." Well when she put it that way. Wow, Liz. My sister's best friend. Liz, whose tits I've lusted for when they'd hang out at our house. Liz was on her hands and knees, her pussy offered to me. I pulled down my costume and knelt behind her. She had a nice ass too. See her there, waiting, wanting me, I was hard again. I got up behind her, rubbed my cock on her wet pussy, then as she had a mouthful of cock I pushed inside. Her body tensed, she moaned around the cock, and I pushed in deep. I was fucking Liz. Cute, sexy Liz. While a strange guy was fucking her face. I held her hips and kept driving my cock into her. The other guy grinned at me as he held her hair and thrust deep. I could hear her gagging, held in place, being fucked on both ends. The guy grunted, shouted, 'fuck YEAH!' and thrust deep as he came. When he was done, he sat back and watched as Liz gagged, cum running from her mouth.

"That was awesome babe, I'll send in another." When he was gone I asked,

"Why like this?" When she'd cleared her mouth, swallowing and spitting Liz turned her head to the side,

"It's better than just some kid in the back of a car."

"Why me?"

"Better than a rando."

"I would have done this in the comfort of a bed at home." She smiled back at me,

"I know, but this is sooooo dirty. Now shush, I'm going to suck some more cock. Just keep fucking." And another guy did come in. These seemed to be friends of Frank. Maybe football teammates taking turns on the various girls. He looked at me in my costume, hips moving back and forth stuffing my cock into Liz. He got in front of her, his cock semi-hard.

"I hear you suck good. Get me going. And you finish up. I want some of that cunt too." I was feeling the need rising. I wondered if Liz had planned to fuck anyone else. I doubted I could outlast this guy. Liz soon had him hard and well into her mouth. He had her face between his hands holding her in place as he thrust. "Oh fuck yeah." I was getting close. I held Liz's ass, caressing her cheeks, feeling my cock throbbing. I held her hips, thrust deep and released my load. I tried staying in, maybe the other guy would cum. No, he pulled out of Liz's mouth, "OK Spidey, you're done, let me in." I stood up and watched as he turned Liz around and began pumping his cock into her. She looked up at me,

"Let me suck you off, or they'll send in another." I realized that me and two strangers was enough. I knelt in front of Liz. Sweet Liz took my cock and began licking and sucking at it. No way I'd cum again this soon, but she put on a show of it. The guy looked down at us from where he was filling Liz's pussy.

"Dude, you hard again? Alright, fill this bitch's mouth." I watched him fuck Liz. Liz looked up at me as she took my cock onto her mouth. As the other guy announced that he was cumming I made a show of tensing up and grunting in fake orgasm. As we both sat back from Liz she announced that we'd fucked her good and that was enough for now. We all got up, I helped Liz wipe the cum dripping from her, cleaned myself and threw the towels onto a pile. We got dressed as best we could and left the room. Being a little disoriented we went further down the hall coming to a sign on the last door,

---Abandon hope, all who enter---

This must have been the infamous orgy room. Liz looked at me and shook her head. I replied,

"Not me either." We walked back down the hall feeling hands fondling us as we went. Liz went into the bathroom, which was apparently a safe room and had a large guy on guard at the door. He let Liz in, but told me,

"Just chicks right now." I nodded, then remembered the humiliation room. Candy. I walked down there and saw hers was the top name not crossed out. I opened the door and went in. There was a naked girl on her knees in the middle of the room. Several guys stood around her. She was sucking a cock and seemed to have had multiple loads of cum on her face and tits. She'd have been pretty hot if not for all the cum. It seemed that the humiliation part was the guys insulting the girl and spraying cum on her as she sucked them off, then the people around the room, then next act I guess, also insulting the guys and the girl. I got myself next to Candy. She looked up at me and made a face.

I asked, "Is this really what you want?"

"I came here to try a lot of cocks and cum, but I don't want to get fucked by a bunch of strangers. So..." Just a few weeks ago my sister called my cock "my thing". Now she was talking about craving cocks and cum. I wasn't sure how I felt. The current act seemed to be wrapping up. Guys were wiping their cocks on her face. She did have a hot body. When she stood I saw her large tits, shaved clean pussy, reddish hair, though her hair was a sticky mess of cum which was also dripping down her face and onto her tits. The guys got in a few more gropes before the final humiliation. The girl was going to have to leave the room naked and cum covered through the grope zone to a bathroom, all to taunts of cum slut and more. This was what my sister wanted? I started to leave. But the guy at the door stopped me.

"Sorry, no watching. You come in, you play. Get in the middle before we let the next audience in." I wanted to tell him why, but realized that would be worse. So I joined five other guys as my sister stripped off her costume and assumed the kneeling position on the floor. She looked around at the guys and was surprised to see Spiderman looking down at her. She reached up and felt the bulge in my skin tight uniform. Then she smiled.

"Let's go boys." Several more people had entered the room. The sat around the side and began tossing insults our way.

"Oh fuck, the chick's got no tits." "C'mon boys show us your little peckers." "Is she old enough to play?" And on it went. The six of us began removing whatever we had for pants. I glanced around quickly to see who would be getting the most abuse. The poor growers got the first round. "Look at that tiny cock." "Is that all you got?" As the cocks were pointed towards her Candy began fondling balls and pulling at them, trying to get everyone looking their best. My problem was that I'd just cum with Liz and had also done it a couple times earlier. I was slow to respond. My normal resting length spared me for a bit, but finally someone noticed. "Spidey can't get it up." "What's wrong Spidey, she too ugly for you?" "Must be a tit man." Now Candy turned to me. She took my cock in hand, stroking quickly, before beginning to suck on the tip. This caused me to perk up and the abuse was directed to other guys. Candy was sucking me while jerking a cock on either side. Another guy was behind her, his hands covering both her tits, pulling at her nipples. Candy switched up and jerked two others, letting me go to suck another cock. I was hard now and thankfully not the smallest of the group. The guys in the circle with me began giving shit to Candy. "C'mon cunt, suck me off, I'm gonna soak you in cum." "Bitch better take it ALL down." "Hey how did those little titties feel?" And so on. One of the cocks she was jerking off blew first. The guy turned Candy's head towards him and hit her square in the face with his load. Holding her as he shot jets of cum on my sister. Almost as he was done another guy stepped in front and added his load, wiping his cock off on her hair to the approval of the audience. Those two stepped back as a guy with a pretty long cock began stuffing it down Candy's throat. I had no idea if she could do this, but he got it a good ways in before she gagged and punched his leg. He pulled back. "Fucking bitch can't take it all." He satisfied himself with fucking Candy's face the pushing deep to spew his load. Candy couldn't handle it all and the spit and cum she coughed up added to the mess on her chest. Now there were three of us. Candy was able to get one of them to cum on her. He hit her face, hair, chest. A thorough job. Then she leaned back as the last two of us jerked our cocks while leaning over Candy. He came first and got shit for a disappointing load. Now there were chants of "cum on the slut, cum on the slut" as I stood in front of my sister and wanked my cock. She put her head back and opened her mouth extending her tongue. I looked down at my little sister, multiple loads of cum covering her as I stroked my cock. I felt the familiar feeling rising inside and leaned forward increasing the speed of my hand. Candy pushed her small tits out.

"Give it to me." I did. Summoning reserves I did know I had I felt it explode from me. One, then another, then leaning closer to get the last drops. Candy sat up and sucked my cock again, then let me go and stood to be verbally abused and groped by the guys. Towels were given to the guys and we pulled up our pants as Candy made her way through the audience then out the door. I followed her out and watched as guys grabbed her ass, everyone called her a cum slut, and one girl came forward and sucked cum from her tits. She whispered something in Candy's ear but my sister shook her head. the girl slapped her ass and let Candy pass. The guy at the bathroom door conveniently made her wait, naked, taking abuse, before finally letting her in to clean up. As I waited for Candy, Liz came down the hallway with a very satisfied look on her face. I asked,

"Had enough? It's getting late."

"Mmm, yep." Candy came out wrapped in a towel, her hair wet and relatively clean. She looked at us.

"Are we leaving?" I nodded. We collected her costume. Candy casually dropped the towel and put her costume on. As we walked to the stairs, Frank stopped me.

"We cool?"

"Yeah Frank, no problem from us."

"Cool, cool. You're ok Kev. I'll invite you to more parties." I thanked him and followed the girls downstairs. When we were in the car I asked if it was what they expected. Candy answered first.

"I guess so. I didn't want to lose it here though. I would like to come back, after. And what about you? I saw you with the fairy girl downstairs. She looked like..."

"Yep, she was."

"And did you?"

"Yes I did."

"You dog. She totally had no idea."

"She was my first. Then some girl gave me a blowjob, then..." I waited. Liz finally told Candy,

"Kev took my cherry. Then another guy fucked me."

"Wow, you two? So you got it twice?"

"Three actually. While Kev went looking for you I was hanging in the hallway and this guy with a nice cock started feeling me up and then well he leaned me against the wall and did me standing in the hallway."

"You slut. Hahha."

"Talking about me, I saw you walking the hall of shame covered in cum."

"Yeah, some of it was Kev's" Liz caught my eyes in the mirror.

"So that was what, four times for you?" I nodded.

"Yeah, surprised even myself. Hey by this time, no use stopping, you might as well change while I drive." I soon had two naked girls in the back seat which made me think of something. "Hey Candy, what did that girl say to you after she licked your tit?"

"Oh, she offered to take me in a room and lick ALL the cum off, then eat me out." Liz looked shocked,

"She did? You didn't?"

"No, I told her I only like cock."

"Wow. I might have let her. Since I was misbehaving already."


They were dressed in their regular clothes, costumes stuffed in a bag. Candy asked,

"Hey Kev, what about you?"

"I'll just pull my jeans over this. You can put the mask in the bag."

It was near 1 am. Mom was already asleep. Liz was staying at our house to save on driving. We made just enough noise so that mom knew we were home. As we got to our bedrooms, Liz whispered,

"I'll sleep with Kev." Candy laughed. I had to be the logical one.

"As much as I'd like that, it might be hard to explain in the morning." Liz, pouted and joined Candy. I quickly took everything off and collapsed in my bed. In the morning I put on shorts and went downstairs for breakfast. There was a note.

---I know you got in late. I doubt I'll see you this morning. I'll be out for the day---

I looked at the note. I looked towards the upstairs where I now heard a shower running. I walked up the stairs. There were voices in the bathroom. I took off my shorts and tried the door. It opened. I walked in to a steamy room and saw two shadows behind the curtain.

"Room for one more?" Liz's head popped out from behind the curtain. She looked down at my flaccid cock, smiled.

"Sure." I got into the steamy shower and found myself between two soapy giggling teens. It was going to be a good day.